We are proud of our business but even prouder of the fact that with every product that leaves our warehouse, we know that we have helped every individual regain a quality of sleep and rest needed for healthy living.

Here are just a few of the comments that our customers have made.

After two years of back pain, the first morning after sleeping on our newly purchased Serenity King I woke up without pain. Andrew from Sleepdoctor has provided us with above-and-beyond customer service.

– Paul Tyrrell

I had been into many stores trying to find the bed that best suited my body, but when I met Andrew, he could actually help me, not just say ‘does that feel comfortable’. He knew where I needed the most support, and had a wealth of knowledge. It’s amazing what the right mattress can do for you.

– Chloe

The most instantly comfortable bed I have ever slept in. Service and advice was sensational.

– Bernice Hammet

This shop is a stand out among bed shops. The owner-manager of the Hawthorn Store has solid professional knowledge of the bed-mattress industry and goes above and beyond in customer service. He is completely genuine and wholehearted in the way he runs his business.

– Sue & Greg Rechter